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The Shark's Children


“The City of a Thousand Names”, “L'En-Ville”, “The Endless Continent”… A world reinvented then rebuilt constantly, since the disasters and upheavals that concluded our era. Here, murky rumors have been ringing around the wells for a few weeks. Children would have seen the dowsers of old and their white elephants for the first time in a millennium...


In the midst of these noises, an empty-headed man is stranded in the existence of a lonely boy who will soon persist in unraveling his mystery. Even if it means running away too far… Even if it means brushing against things far too vast for him.


On his way, the destinies of several children collide, bond in the same quest, forging their own keys to growing up in a world hit by change, unaware that they will germinate there the worst and the best.

Genre: imaginary | 525 pages

Released in French language : June 30, 2023



Through this project, I wanted to explore a territory where water and seeds are the most precious things there are, where news clings to the branches of messenger trees, to the edge of ancient wells that allowed the world to sprout again.

A world very different from ours, without money, without institutions or governments, but which has finally found a certain balance... 

Drawings / Digital Art

Soon available in NFT

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